Visual Aspiration | 7 Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners
01 March 2020 | Visual Aspiration Staff Writer

Social Media Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

The biggest failures small businesses encounter in social media come from not knowing who their customers are, who they’re competing against, which channels to target, and how to engage their audience. Most are unaware of native analytics available in all major social networks and don’t know how to integrate their online and offline marketing activities or how to automate their social scheduling.

Social Media: One of the most popular buzzwords in day-to-day marketing conversation - but why? The fact is, if your business is not on social media, you're already behind. Likewise, if you're on social media, but don't have a plan in place to achieve measurable results, there's a lot of room for improvement! Luckily, this article will bring your business up to speed on industry best practices and how to approach social media marketing.

To discover your micro-environment, identify your 3 C's: 1. Who are your Competitors? 2. Who are your Customers? 3. Reflect on your Company. By understanding what your current competitors are doing on social media, you can present something to your audience that is new, fresh, and unsaturated. Bringing unoriginal content to an already crowded space will get lost in the mix, as it won't be valuable to your audience, and it will negatively impact your brand.

Get yourself familiarized with your competitors' social networks; this will allow you to know where there is a current gap in content, as well as identify which niche your company could target. Second, you need to know the habits, likes, and dislikes of your current customer-base, as well as your target audience; your business may be able to effectively target them.

Familiarize yourself with these questions: What type of content does your audience prefer? What is your audience's preferred social networks? What is your audience's online-behaviour?

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to create the most effective and relevant content possible for your target audience and it will allow you to keep the customers you already have. Additionally, as content is only effective if it is seen, these answers will ensure you know when and where to post your content so you can achieve as much reach as possible.

From reflecting on your competition and your target audience, make a reflection on your own company's assets and resources. Ensure your current marketing strategy makes sense in regard to the competitor and customer analysis you just made and tweak any necessary areas to your core strategy before continuing. Review your companies mission and vision and ensure everything aligns seamlessly. Everything you do thereafter will be tied this core marketing strategy, so make sure that it is clear and sound.